We wanted Christopher’s costume to coordinate with his sister’s. We had decided that she was going to be a Circus Clown in a Clown in a Clown Car, so we decided that Christopher would be a Circus Animal in a Cage Wheelchair Costume.

The cage was made using parts from an old laundry drying rack we got at a rummage sale and some scrap wood. Although the end result was terrific, the process was rather frustrating! The dowels kept popping out and even with wood glue and clamps to help keep things in place, it seemed like there weren’t always enough hands and it sometimes felt like “one step forward, two steps back”! The top front of the cage was arched to give a fancier “parade” cage look. We painted the cage black to look like iron bars. String loops attached the cage to the wheelchair.

We made an animal costume for Christopher using a pattern. Although a lion or tiger probably would have been more appropriate for a circus animal, we wanted to use soft flannel fabric to make the costume. We worked with the available fabric which happened to be leopard fabric! We used makeup to apply whiskers to Christopher’s face and to blacken his nose.

A “Circus” and a “Do Not Feed the Animals” sign completed the costume.