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Coolest Homemade Box of Free Kittens Wheelchair Costume

Years ago we read a suggestion in Exceptional Parent magazine to incorporate the wheelchair into the Halloween costume. We’ve had lots of fun doing just that!

We did this Box of Free Kittens Wheelchair Costume when Sarah was six and Christopher was just a year old. It won a prize for “Most Creative Costume” at our local grocery store.

We put a large plain cardboard box (with flaps) around the wheelchair. The box easily folded flat for transporting when not around the wheelchair. We attached string loops to the inside of the box for hanging the box from the wheelchair. The loops in the back were adjustable to be able to adjust the height/level of the box. A small piece of 1×1 can be used the inside edge of the box to add stability if the long side is bowing too much.

The five and seven year-old children of one of Sarah’s nurses made signs for the three sides of the box saying things like “Free Kittens – the ‘Purrfect’ Pet” or “Free Kittens – Cute, Cuddly, Housebroken”, etc. and drawing pictures on the signs as well.

Sarah was dressed as a black cat (black turtleneck and pants). The hood with ears, stuffed pin-on tail and the “paw” covers for hands and feet were made years ago by Grandma when Mom and uncles were young. Christopher was a white cat (white sweatshirt romper) with hood with ears and stuffed tail made by Mom and white socks on his hands and feet. Makeup whiskers on the face completed the look. (Sarah liked the makeup but Christopher did not!)

We anchored a suction cup bath seat onto the wheelchair tray to support and contain Christopher and then placed some stuffed animal cats on the tray around both kids.

They were a huge hit at our local Ragamuffin Parade. Lots of people came over thinking we had real kittens to give away! They were disappointed when they peered in the box and the only “real” kittens were Sarah and Christopher! (Although one person did help himself to one of the stuffed cats!)

Homemade Box of Free Kittens Wheelchair Costume

Homemade Box of Free Kittens Wheelchair Costume

Homemade Box of Free Kittens Wheelchair Costume

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2 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Box of Free Kittens Wheelchair Costume”

  1. Hi, I’m an occupational therapist and I’m always looking for activities and projects to do with the kids! These wheelchair costumes are adorable and a great idea for families and kids to do together!

  2. What a great idea! My twin sister has spina-bifida and my parents spent many halloweens coming up with different costumes, some that would incorporate the chair, some that didn’t. I wish I had seen this back then! I can’t imagine she’d be as interested now at 26 :) Love it!


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