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Coolest Homemade Chucky Halloween Costume

I decided on making a Homemade Chucky Halloween Costume. I purchased the overalls and stripy shirt from a St Vinnies shop for $12AU, bought a wig, some white contacts and used makeup I already had at home.

I added “good guy” to the overalls with red tape.
The wig was blond when I bought it so I tried to dye it with actual hair dye, however, this didn’t take because the wig is synthetic. I had pink and yellow hairspray at home so I decided to try that thinking that it would make orange and it worked perfectly. I did this a few days before the event and then left it to dry outside.

My make up was completed by putting foundation on, then white powder. I used an orange/red eye shadow to draw the lines of where the scars were going to go so that it gave them a bit of an orange kind of shadow. I used red lip liner to draw the scars on. I lit the eyeliner with a lighter and followed the lines I had already created with eye shadow. I had to keep sharpening the eye liner and burning it each time but it gave the scars a nice lumpy effect.

I also put a little bit of a clear face peel on the scars so they looked a bit moist and over the course of the night the scars began to peel a little bit which was a great effect. I used black eye shadow on my eyes with a little red above and below the eye.

Other than that, I bought the white contacts from an online store. They really completed the outfit and freaked everyone out the whole night.

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