Coolest Homemade Cat Woman Costume

Cat Woman was on the prowl this year and I only spent about $7 on the whole costume!!

I am a typical college student who was trying to be creative this Halloween without spending a fortune on a costume! So I put Anne Hathaways version of Catwoman together by using some stuff I already had and then making the rest!

I looked online how to DIY mask and I found an easy way with puffy paint, plastic wrap, and material you use to make a tutu. Then I made my ears out of cardboard, stuffed them with newspaper and then duck taped them. I then attached clips to the bottom of them and clipped them to my head once I teased my hair/pulled it back the way Catwoman does. I also made my belt and whip with cardboard and duck tape. For the whip I attached a black belt to a piece of cardboard and wrapped it with duck tape.  I threw it all together, did my make with just black eye liner and red lips and this is how it came out!

I had a lot of fun putting this all together, and I loved how it barely cost me anything!!

I got a very good reaction out of it. Everyone thought I looked just like Catwoman and then nearly fell over when I told them I made most of it!

Costume consisted of that I already had: black leggings, black tank top, boots, black belt

Things I bought: -Black toddler gloves from Walmart. Cost: 96 cents. I cut the fingers on them.

-Black duck tape. about 2 or 3 dollars

-Black puffy paint from Walmart. Cost: 89 cents


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