Coolest Catwoman Costume

This Catwoman Costume took me ages to make! All in all I think it took me a few months to draw up, take screen dump pictures from the Batman Returns film and catch every angle to make sure I had the stitching in the exact same place. Talk about a geek! Or just serious perving on catwoman!!

The bones corset took me the longest to get right and make the lace up part at the back touch enough to be pulled in tight! I have always loved Batman and especially Catwoman. I made this costume for my boyfriend as a surprise. He was very surprised and amused when I started the whole Catwoman scene in my home haha. I can even crack the whip!

I love it love it love it! It’s so warm inside all that PVC. Not one for wearing out clubbing! So I will probably just keep it for dress up in the house. Sexy costume, nearly one of my favourites I have made.

This is very tight and I had to keep fixing it to make it tighter in certain parts to get the desired result. I used PVC, black vinyl, rubber and white wool to make this. Boots were bought and so was the whip! But the rest is all me!

I am Catwoman – hear me roar! rrrrrrraaaaar I am Catwoman – hear me roar!

Catwoman Costume

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