I live in Slovenia, and here we normally don’t dress in costumes for Halloween. But we do have the tradition every year two days from January til March (the days are calculated according to church holidays) on Saturday and Tuesday that we dress in costumes to scare the winter away. This year we were Catwoman and Batman.

We made everything by ourselves, well ok – I made everything, he just put the costume on. I sewed the jumpsuit and mask and some kind of bracelet (with pocket, so that I didn’t need to carry a purse with me, when we went to a party). For both of the costumes I just sewed the mask (that Batman was really difficult to sew) and the cape. I then used one of his black shirts and sewed the sign on it which was made from felt.  He then put on the black pants and that was it.

Everyone liked our costumes, they all thought we bought them.