Fabric/Notions used for this Classic 1966 Batman TV Series Catwoman Costume Julie Newmar Version”:
4yds of 36″ wide 2-Way Stretch Lame from Spandex House
*This was the only supplier of this fabric which is exactly the same as what was used on the original costume. It was also the most expensive fabric I’ve bought at $18/yd.
7yds of Purple fold over elastic for inside seam binding (black was out of stock).
Gutermann Black Sew-All Thread
1 24″ Black Zipper
2 6″ Black Zippers
2″ Wide Grosgrain
Dress Hook and Eye
1/2″ Elastic

I have never made a body suit before, and since this was a specific recreation, I needed to draft my own. There was no commercially available pattern that could replicate the seam lines in the TV version. I had to read up on making body suits and how to measure for one. Nothing really helped on how to make the darts and waist seams, so I just made a mock up. It worked like a charm and I then translated this into my good fabric.

Because it was a 2-way stretch fabric, I had to be careful how I laid out the patterns. It need to stretch as I moved. I wanted to be able to sit, bend over, and stretch my arms without fear of a seam popping or cutting off circulation. The legs stretch up and down, the chest and sleeves are on the bias, and the back is up and down. I can comfortable bend over to zip up my shoes, raise my arms to fix my hair over the ears, and sit when my feet start to hurt (darn 4″ heels on my shoes lol)

There is a built in ribbon cinch in the waist to give that classic hourglass shape that Julie Newmar was famous for. All the seams are bound in foldover elastic to stretch with the garment as I move and keep the fabric from scratching up my skin on the raw edges. There are also darts from the waist to bust, and darts going down from the waist to help shape the suit.

Zippers built into the ankles allow me to get my feet in and out with ease, they stay in the boots with the aid of an elastic stirrup.

The mask and ears were made from a base of a thin plastic sheeting I got from an old portfolio binder. The ears are mounted on a black headband, the mask has loops to hold it onto the headband. Both the ears and mask were bent and shaped until they looked and fit right. They are covered in the same fabric as the suit, the mask is lined in faux suede for comfort.

The necklace was made from metal filigree bits with Swarovski jewels and stones glued to match the original necklace. A vintage Rhinestone Lion head button adorns the middle medallion.

The claws slip over my fingers and through the tip of the gloves just like in the original. The gloves were purchased but modified by slitting the tips open and reinforcing the fingers.

The only items I didn’t make were the boots, belt, and Catgun.

Here are some more costume pics with progress…