Coolest Homemade Cad Bane Costume

My son dressed up as Star Wars’ Cad Bane this Halloween and it was such a cool costume.

I started with a brown jacket and a tan shirt, bought at the thrift store. I made sure the jacket was big so I would have extra fabric. I pulled in the back of the jacket to fit the shoulders by sewing a straight seam down the back. I then cut the front bottom off of both sides of the jacket and re-attached them to the back hem to make the tails of the coat. Next, I cut the collar into triangular shapes and tacked them open. Finally I painted on the designs.

I drew out the design on the tan shirt and painted it.

The hat is an old box with a wide circular brim made out of cardboard and glued together with mighty mendit. I painted it brown then put in the grey tones.

The arm gauntlets were also made out of a cardboard box which was cut, shaped and painted. I put holes on their undersides with elastic so they would stay on his arms.

The face piece with the hose was more difficult. I drew the shape on cardboard, cut it out and painted it. I glued a head band into the inside to help it hold its shape. At the thrift store, I found an old Tasmanian devil movable table-lamp, cut the plastic trim off, glued it back together and then glued it to the cardboard piece.

One word of advice: DO NOT BUY GREASE PAINT for use as face paint! I didn’t realize it would wreak such havoc. In order for the face piece to stay on, I had to put a drop of mighty mendit, which is easily removed from skin, on the inside and stick it to his cheeks. However, grease paint will not let you do this. Not only that, it is a total mess! Make sure you buy non-greasy face paint and leave a makeup-free spot on the face to which the face piece can be glued.

In total I spent $3.00 on this Homemade Cad Bane Costume.

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