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Coolest Homemade Cabbage Patch Costume

I got this idea for the Homemade Cabbage Patch Costume from this web site. I loved Cabbage Patch kids when I was little and still love them. My son was so cute people said he looked like a doll, so I decided to have some fun with him and Halloween. My husband and I made this together and had so much fun.

First I got a box from Walmart and cut it to fit over an umbrella stroller. Painted it yellow and decorated it. I used a real cabbage patch box to copy.

I dressed my son in light colored pajamas he already had. The real cabbage patch shoes actually fit him, but he kept kicking them off.
I added a birth certificate and CP bottle to the box. I covered the umbrella stroller with a light colored pillowcase. I cut holes in it to fit over the handles.

This was a great costume. My baby could just sit in the stroller and relax the whole trick or treating. We could barely trick or treat for people stopping us and wanting to look at the costume. We had a blast and got to show off our cute baby and our creativity at the same time.

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