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Coolest Homemade Bumblebee and Optimus Prime Costume

Let’s just say that when I thought of pairing costumes with my son, we both agreed on Transformers. I thought it appropriate to be Optimus and my son be Bumblebee. We decided to base our costumes on the G1 series because I used to watch it as a kid. Now, having a family of 4 made it kinda difficult to find time during the day to work them, so most of it was done in all hours of the night.

I started my son’s Bumblebee costume in September and ended up finishing my Optimus costume about 30 minutes before heading out trick-or-treating. These Homemade Bumblebee and Optimus Prime Costumes were completely and 100% homemade, although there were a few store-bought items such as spray paint, masking tape, fasteners and a cheap hardhat so I would gauge that about 40$-50$ was spent, which is about how much a good store bought costume would cost, everything else was from home, a bunch of collapsed cardboard boxes we had left over in the basement.

My son was a great help to me for measuring purposes and handing me fasteners when I needed them. All I had to go by was a couple pictures of costumes and one picture of a G1 Optimus toy. In the end Bumblebee’s feet were too hard to walk in so we left without them but you can see them in the picture, just need to think of a way
to improve it as we are definitely keeping these costumes. I made my legs with a pivot point at the feet so I could walk freely.

When we went trick-or-treating, well we were the talk of the area, everyone wanted us to stop at their houses so they could take pictures. In my opinion, there’s no better compliment than that. My son won 3 best costume awards in our travels. I was thinking maybe next year I could go as Megatron and my son as Star Scream. He was so happy to say that his dad had made his costume and I had lots of fun making them!

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  1. Just thought that I would say that the costumes were great! It was also a wonderful thing that you were able to get you son involved in the process and I am sure that it will make a fantastic memory for him. Some of my fondest memories of my father are when we did projects together and I am sure your son will think the same as well.

    Keep up the great work!



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