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Coolest Homemade Brinks Truck Costume

My name is Brinklee, I wanted to get creative this year with my costume so I thought of the Brinks truck. I have never seen anyone else pull this off, but I think it suited real well with my name.

To make the Homemade Brinks Truck Costume I just got two boxes and cut them so they would fit well together, spray painted it and used craft paper for all the letter and stuff. I even used tin foil to make a front grill and rims, I found playing cards that had 100 dollar bills on them so I cut them and placed them around the back door of the truck so it looked like they were falling out.

On my shirt I got the Brinks logo on it with brinks written in it. To hold up the truck I used suspenders. I found my costume to be a big hit at my Halloween party. Lots of compliments.

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