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Coolest Brinks Burglar Costume

We were browsing costume ideas on your website and found the idea for the Brinks truck. My 6 year old daughter fell in love with the idea, so I got busy on a Homemade Brinks Burglar Costume. I used two cardboard boxes, one large, one medium. I cut all the flaps off. I glued them together with very strong glue and let dry overnight. I then spray painted the boxes silver. I again let this dry overnight, though it only needed an hour at most. I cut out an opening for her to fit into.

I then painted the word “Brinks” onto both sides of the truck. I bought a 4 pack of Tap lights and colored two of them red. Using Velcro, I attached two to the front and the two red colored lights to the back for taillights. Using the scrap cardboard, I cut out wheels and painted them black. I then attached them to the truck. I bought fake money and taped it onto fishing line and attached to back of truck so it looks like money is flying out the back of it. I dressed my daughter in all black and added a black ski hat and black mask. Not pictured is her candy bag, which is a white pillowcase with a painted on dollar sign, so that it looks like a money bag. Turned out so super cool!

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