Coolest Homemade Brinks Truck Costume

Homemade Brinks Truck Costume

My name is Brinklee, I wanted to get creative this year with my costume so I thought of the Brinks truck. I have never seen anyone else pull this off, but I think it suited real well with my name. To make the Homemade Brinks Truck Costume I just got two boxes and cut them … Read more

Coolest Brinks Burglar Costume

Homemade Brinks Burglar Costume

We were browsing costume ideas on your website and found the idea for the Brinks truck. My 6 year old daughter fell in love with the idea, so I got busy on a Homemade Brinks Burglar Costume. I used two cardboard boxes, one large, one medium. I cut all the flaps off. I glued them … Read more