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Coolest Homemade Braveheart Costume

For my homemade Braveheart costume, I took a full length leather coat I bought from Value Village for $12. I cut little leather leaflets to look like armour pleats. I also made a leather case for the sword from the same jacket material, as well as straps.

I purchased the wig Wal-Mart for $6 and also blue face paint for $1.99.

The skirt is made from tartin pattern blanket(found at Value Village). I cut and then safety-pinned with kilt pin and dyed to match. Arm bands are made from the same leather coat.

I bought a cheap belt with studs at VV and removed studs and fixed them on arm bands to look like armour.

Whole Braveheart costume cost $25.00 Canadian

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  1. Erm I think the Scots call the skirt a Kilt my friend. I lived in Scotland for 35 years until 2008 and I’ve never heard it called a skirt before! LOL


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