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Coolest Homemade Blue Man Group Halloween Costume

We saw the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas and loved the show.  They were funny and creative and made us laugh.  We were deciding what we wanted to be last Halloween when we can across our picture with the handsome blue men.  We thought we would try to put it together.

We bought a 2 bald caps and blue Halloween costume paint. The bald cap needs to fit snuggly over the ears. We applied the blue paint on each other because it is hard to get the back of the head by yourself.  Then we put black pants and jackets we owned. The total cost was $12. The best about it is we walk around not talking for 30 minutes and just communicating with our eyes.  We also brought marshmallows and tossed them into each others mouth because that is part of their act.

We won a Olive Garden gift card for the most creative.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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