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Coolest Mr T Costume

This is what you need to make this Mr T Costume:
Bald cap was purchased from a costume shop
Hair and beard is furry material bought from a fabric store
Brown face paint was sourced from a art supply store
Glasses and jewelery were sourced from a $2 shop
Gloves are fingerless gym gloves
Earring is a piece of costume jewelery with a feather glued t it.
shirt, pants, shoes, and gloves were already owned

I applied the bald cap first. Then the head hair was attached to the bald cap with a rubber cement.
The beard hair was attached to a clean face with double sided Hollywood tape. The face paint is in liquid form and was applied with a make-up sponge in 3 layers, after all the hair was applied.

A tip for making the hair and beard patterns. Wrap your face with cling film (leaving air holes of course). Use a permanent marker to draw your outline on the cling film. Remove the cling film and use the outline as your pattern for the hair.

I pity the fool who does not like this Coolest Mr T Costume.

Coolest Mr T Costume

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