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Cool Homemade Mr. T Halloween Costume

I PIDDY THE FOOL. This homemade Mr. T costume was a BLAST! Everyone stopped and spoke to my son over this costume. A few younger kids didn’t know who Mr.T was but the older children and adults loved this costume. My husband and myself were “A” team fans and I guess we have passed this gene on to our 9 year old.

This costume was quick and easy. I purchased a bald cap, various sizes of cording (Clearanced is fine because it will be spray-painted), gold and black spray paint, a feather, brown and black face paint, and a mop refill.

The sponge was spray-painted black then adhered to the bald cap. We took an old clip-on earring and glued a feather to it. The cording was cut in different lengths and spray-painted gold. Brown and black face paint was then applied. The outfit was camo pants and an under armor shirt. A voice recorder with Mr. T captions was carried and it played as he said “Trick-or-Treat”. Thanks for reading!

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