Coolest DIY Gene Simmons Costume

My son wanted to be a member of KISS. The Homemade Gene Simmons Costume started with a boy’s muscle shirt and girl’s leggings. I bought some fake leather and studded it. Then I used fabric glue to fasten it onto the shirt. Next I made bat wings out of the leather, studded them, and fastened them directly onto the shirt.

I found some leather boots in a resale shop. The were a little too short. I made boot covers out of stiff felt covered with fake leather. I cut a diamond shape out of cardboard as a base, then studded some “leather”. I hot glued it onto the cardboard, then onto the boot cover. I then used a silver marker to make teeth on the boot soles.

I bought some fingerless gloves and a blow up guitar as accessories. My mom found some costume jewelery rings in her jewelery box. We had a cool rockstar wig, which we added a topnot to with a rubber band. I painted my son’s nail’s black. We finished the look off with white clown makeup, eyeliner, black creme shadow and black lipstick, just like Gene’s.

Before we left for trick-or treating, my husband gave my son a splash of red food coloring on the tongue. My other son accompanied him as Ace Frehley. The KISS fans were happy to see Gene and Ace.