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Coolest Homemade Blue Man Group Costume

Me and three of my friends needed something really cool to be for Halloween so we kept thinking and we decided….. BLUE MEN! it would be totally cool and we were the only ones out there!

This Blue Man Group Costume was so easy too! We wore all black and then painted our hands, faces and most of our necks blue (you can get the paint at craft stores or at Halloween stores). For their bald blue heads we took our swim team swim caps and turned them inside out so they were plain blue (you can also get just plain blue ones at most swim stores).

The next step is to look closely at everyone and everything you see with really really wide eyes, just like they do! If you want you can also carry a bag of marshmallows around (we didn’t because my friend was allergic but you definitely can!)! It was a really unique easy costume and people loved it! plus it was not that expensive and it was really cool being painted blue!

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