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Coolest Homemade Beetlejuice and Lydia Halloween Couple Costume Idea

We had been watching Beetlejuice a lot. We had a Homemade Beetlejuice and Lydia Halloween Couple Costume Idea from the wedding scene.

For Beetlejuice we combed all the Thrift stores for a maroon suit in his size, which was easier than you would think. The pieces were not exact matches, but as you can see, close enough! It helps that there is a certain movie chain that has it’s employees wear maroon vests, so it can be fairly easy to find those as well. We bought a tux shirt and a bow tie and the suit was made! We also got a big plastic fly as a boutonniere and put snakes in his pockets for him to hand out, which everyone loved. We got a cheap Hannah Montana wig and teased it, cut it, and sprayed it with hair color, then used cream white and black makeup to paint his face. The kick with the makeup was buying craft moss and painting on spirit gum around the wig to attach bits of the moss. We used green face pant to blend the moss into the white face paint. The key was in the finishing touch. We got baby powder and brushed it on his face and hands to set the makeup. Then, we slapped baby powder onto the maroon suit to simulate the way Beetlejuice seemed dirty.

For Lydia I bought a 6 foot bright red table cloth (cheaper at the Thrift store than buying the material), 6 yards of red tulle, 1 yard light weight red fabric, a spool of red ribbon, a red tank top, safety pins, bobby pins, hot glue, small red footless stockings, and a spool of 3” thick red lace. I cut a 2 foot section from the length of the tablecloth so I could fold it and tie it around my waist as a sash. For the skirt, I wrapped it around my waist and pinned it as if it were a wrap skirt. This left tons of material flowing down, which I simply pulled up in small gathers making pickups. I pinned them with safety pins and tied a ribbon around the visible side of the pin so it would not be seen. Where the skirt met, I bunched tulle, secured it with a rubber band and attached it to the skirt with a safety pin. You can sew it if you want, but for something I was going to wear once, and since the skirt would be double secure with the sash tied over it, I was comfortable with it just pinned. I put the tanktop on to see how much it would stretch while wearing it and hot glued lace along the edges, over the shoulder, across the front and back. I then took the red fabric and crudely cut it down the center. I glued the strait edges of the fabric around the inside of the arm hole all the way around for sleeves. Then, I took the footless stockings and cut them off at the top of the leg and used them for arm warmers. Once I finished, I assembled all the pieces on my body, starting with the top and pinning on the skirt, I took about a yard of the fabric and wrapped it over the skirt to give it another layer of texture. Then I tied the sash around my waist into a small bow. To make the veil, I took the tulle and cut it into different sized pieces, about a 4 foot piece, a 2 ½ foot piece, and a 1 foot piece and attached them longest on bottom, shortest on top together with a rubber band. I glued all this to a piece of lace that could be pinned into my hair. As for my hair, I am a natural brunette, so it was easy to do some of it, but I bought some cheap fake hair to add on top so I would not have to damage my own. I pulled my hair half up and flipped it in front as to make bangs out of the back of my hair. Once I pinned them to the proper length, I gelled the bangs in place and piled on the fake hair, teasing as I went. I cut the leftover tulle into long sections and would pin them under my hair as I went so it would add bulk to my veil. Once the hair was piled high, I added and pined in the veil. For makeup, I simply used a little of the white cream makeup thinly spread and set with baby powder. Around my eyes I used powdered black eyeshadow.

Well, that is it! A detailed description of how you can home-make your own Beetlejuice and Lydia! Hope you get as many compliments as we did! We definetly have not seen anything else like it!

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