This is my baby girl’s first Halloween and I wanted her to have a really cute costume. I always sing the lil cuppycake song to her and we even call her Cuppycake sometimes so I thought a baby cupcake costume would be the perfect costume.

First, I wrapped a regular round laundry basket I had in some inexpensive jersey fabric I bought at a craft store. I set the basket in the middle of the cloth and glued it inside the basket, pleating it as I went along. I got very lucky to find some white textured fabric at the same store on clearance and very affordable. I cut strips 12″ by 4′ long and just used duct tape to seam them together into tubes. I made four of these and stuffed them with grocery bags to make them puffy. Using fabric glue, I layered them around the side of the basket to make it look like piped icing.

A bag of colorful pompoms made my sprinkles. They were glued on with fabric glue also. With a piece of red felt, I cut out a circle shape and sewed all around the edge to pull it into a ball shape. I stuffed it with two grocery bags too and glued on a little clippy I already had. I painted a piece of a straw red with nail polished and glued it on top as my cherry stem. I had a piece of white craft foam left over from another costume so I cut it into an irregular shape and added more “sprinkles”.

With a small hole I attached the cherry and pinned it all to one of my baby’s hairbands. The basket was very deep so I filled it with two soft pillows and covered them with a blanket. Baby girl just sat in the basket wearing a white onesie and a cupcake bib. The hairband was very light and didn’t bother her at all. She was so comfortable and the base fit snuggly in her stroller. My lil cuppycake won the costume contest and had so many admirers! The whole project took less than two hours and all I paid for was the fabric and pompoms.