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Coolest Homemade Baby Cupcake in a Stroller Costume

We wanted our 7 month old daughter to be a cupcake for her first Halloween. But, since she’s so young and would be in a stroller for much of the occasion, I decided to turn her stroller into a giant cupcake as part of her Homemade Baby Cupcake Costume.

She is wearing a knitted cupcake hat, she has a bling-cupcake that I ironed onto her shirt and another on her pants (on the butt).

I made the base of the stroller cupcake from cardboard, covered with cellophane folded like pleats, tape and zip-ties. The frosting is white satin cloth rolled up with batting inside. The cherry is a Styrofoam ball covered with cellophane and a green pipe cleaner for the stem. Finally, large jewel brads make up the sprinkles.

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2 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Baby Cupcake in a Stroller Costume”

  1. i love your cherry!!! im going to be a cup cake and we have been looking for a good cherry and i love yours it looks so sparkly!!! it better then some others i have seen and i love how u put the costume on the stroler good thinking!!:)


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