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Cutest Ever Homemade Cupcake Costume

Items needed for the homemade cupcake costume:

1. 5 yards of any color satin fabric
2. Large Cardboard Box
3. Red spray paint
4. Spray paint color for cupcake paper
5. Any color of jewels
6. Red pipe cleaner
7. Alligator clip (or any clip available)
8. Any white hat
9. Zip ties (if needed)
10. Hot glue

How to make the homemade cupcake costume:

You will need a large cardboard box that you can cut one continues long piece (the length of the “cupcake paper” is totally up to you and the size of your stroller). After the cardboard is cut, spray paint the cardboard whatever colors you want the paper to be. After the paint dries, lay the cardboard face down (color down) and take a razor blade and score the cardboard about every 1 ½ inches. Then take the cardboard and bend at the score marks (this makes the ripples in the “cupcake paper”) then just wrap around the bottom (above the wheels) of the stroller, cut excess and tape into place. You may need to use zip ties on the side to secure it to the stroller and make sure it does not slide down on the wheels.

I used a soft pink satin fabric (5 yards) but any color would look adorable!!! We cut about 6” piece down the entire 3 yards and sewed a tube. Fill with stuffing (stuffed, just a soft stuff) the first layer of the cupcake will be glued onto the cardboard. Use hot glue and glue it so it folds over the cardboard about a 1 inch. Then cut and make another tube and repeat the following steps but wrap the tube on the first layer and as many layers as your child is tall. Then hot glue the second layer to the first layer, to hold in place.

For the mock that goes over the child just cut out a square (as large to cover child and be able to be tucked in the middle) and then cut a hole in the middle to fit over the child’s head.
I used oblong shaped multi-colored jewels and hot glue to make the “sprinkles” don’t forget to also attach them on the smock the child is wearing also!

For the “cherry on top” I just used a white nit cape and a Styrofoam round ball, plastic wrap, red spray paint, pipe cleaner, and an alligator clip. Wrap the Styrofoam ball with the plastic wrap and spray paint red (this makes the cherry bright and glossy). Poke the pipe cleaner on the top and attach the alligator clip to the bottom and clip onto the hat.

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