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Coolest Homemade Astronaut Costume

Mikey wanted a Homemade Astronaut Costume this year, so I started with white scrubs pants and a Dr white jacket that I purchased at the thrift store. I resized the back of the coat, shortened the sleeves and hemmed them. I took in the waist on the pants and hemmed them and took a white baby crib bumper (bought at thrift store) and put knee pads to bulk up the costume a bit. I put snaps on the shirt because I didn’t have any velcro. Then I painted NASA and a flag on the shirt.

Next I took an old basketball and drew a helmet shape on it. Then I paper mached the helmet (2 cups water/1 cup flour for the paste). I set it by the fireplace to dry between layers. I did about 10 layers to make it thick enough to withstand a 7 year old! Then I painted it white and put NASA across the front and USA on both sides. I also took a few pieces of the baby bumper and cut it up and glued it in the helmet so it was soft and would help hold the helmet on his head.

I took a strip off the hem of the jacket and painted it grey for the belt and found a pair of white work gloves for his gloves. His moon boots were a pair of adult slippers that his shoes would fit in that I painted white.

For the “jet pack” as he calls it, I took a large oatmeal container and 2 small oatmeal containers and painted them grey. I glued them side by side and put a black fabric strip around them like a belt holding them together. I put black fabric straps for his shoulders. “Mighty Mend It” is Awesome by the way! I even found a little American flag patch I stuck on it. Then I painted OXYGEN and Flamable on the canister.

The tube is from a mini car vacuum (Thrift store find). I cut the holes in the helmet and the center can and stuck the hose in the holes!
I also cut one section of the baby bumper to wrap around his waist to help give the full effect like a suit full of air.

The whole process was over a few days a few hours a day. He absolutely loves it and it was fun making it! In total I spent $5 since I already had the patches, paint and snaps.

Astronaut Costume

Astronaut Costume

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