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Coolest Spaceman Costume

I didn’t know whether to post this Homemade Spaceman Costume or not as I took inspiration from a costume already on the site. The actual astronaut suit is based on the suit posted by Greg B from Bellingham. I’ve decided to submit it though as I’ve added a jetpack and an alternative helmet for those in the UK who cannot get hold of one of those globes.

The jetpack is just a simple cardboard box painted white. I’ve added a NASA badge which I printed on to white paper. Also I work with radios and could easily get hold of a number of various connectors etc so I’ve cut a square out of the box and attached all the connecotrs to a seperate square of cardboard and glued it on the inside of the box to create an indented interface panel. I also got a couple of RF hazard warning stickers from work and stuck them on to the jetpack in a couple of places. Two straps were also attained from work and I cut a couple of holes on the pack and threaded the straps through and clipped them shut on the outside. I also found a couple of rubber/foam patches which i painted white and attached them on the other side to the interface panel just for detailing.

The helmet is made from papier mache. Ideally I should have used a 14-16″ balloon but I could only find a 12″ balloon so I over inflated that. After a couple of layers of papier mache, the balloon burst and I was left with a pretty soggy mess but managed to inflate a second balloon inside and hang it upside down until it dried. This is why the helmet looks a bit battered. I tried my best to fill in any big dents by adding more layers around them.

All in all I used 15 layers of papier mache, mainly from holiday brochures. The final layer was white printer paper. I painted over the paper with an acrylic glue to give it the shine effect.

I got the acrylic sheet for the screen from my mum who is well into her crafts. I cut a bigger than needed hole in the front of the helmet and tried to fill it all with the acrylic but I couldnt get the screen to sit right inside the helmet so I opted for a narrow screen seen on some apollo helmets. I filled the gaps on the side of the screen with some material cut from a white pillow case. I was going to use the rest of the pillow case to run as a skirt around the bottom of the helmet but opted not to in the end.

I had gotten an old vacuum tube that I was going to attach to both the helmet and jet pack but again chose not to bother as it would have meant having to carry both round with me constantly.

Anyway, I would like to thank Greg from Bellingham for his inspiration for the costume as I was massively stuck for ideas for the 60’s party until I stumbled upon his costume.

Homemade Spaceman Costume

Homemade Spaceman Costume

Homemade Spaceman Costume

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