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Coolest Astronaut Costume

I am super-cheap, so I look for the most inexpensive items for my Halloween costumes. This year I made an astronaut costume. I bought a white sweatshirt for $4 at JoAnn Fabrics. I found NASA patches and logos on the internet – saved the images and printed on Iron-On Transfer paper (cut them out and iron on).

I bought a pair of grey track pants at Marshall’s for $5. They were three sizes too big, so I took in the sides and hemmed the bottoms. I cut the letters U, S and A out of both red and blue felt and sewed them onto the pant legs.

For the JetPack, I bought two Styrofoam wreaths, cut them in half, Velcrod them together and Velcrod them onto the back of the sweatshirt. I also tied silver pipe cleaners around them.

For the space helmet, I saw a picture on this website of a pumpkin treat bucket with a hole for the face and painted white. I did the same thing. Cut a hole for the face with a dremel tool, spray painted it white inside and out. I printed the NASA logo and American Flag on sticker paper (Avery Labels) and stuck them on the helmet. The helmet was terrible though, doesn’t stay straight on the head, stickers kept coming off, paint chipped off constantly. The helmet could be improved somehow, but I didn’t have time to think about it before our Halloween activities.

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