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Coolest Homemade Astronaut Child Costume Idea

I have always loved to sew. In years past I have always sat down at my sewing machine and sewed almost all my Halloween costumes. I’ve been Minnie Mouse, Bride of Frankenstein, 50’s girl with the Poodle Skirt. When my 8 year-old was little I sewed some of his costumes also. He went one year as a clown.

So when my son came to me and asked if I would sew him an Astronaut costume for a report he was going to present to the second grade – I jumped at the request. Our second grade was to choose from a list a famous people or someone who made an impact on history, so my little boy wanted to write about the NASA Astronaut he had met in person a few weeks before.

Our School had hosted a star party and a special guest was a NASA Astronaut Captain Lee Morin who had space walked in 1999.

I went out and bought my supplies. I bought a pattern that was supposed to be a monkey and converted it into a space suit. I used orange broad cloth for the body and silver lame for the belt. We had bought patches at NASA Houston and used them on the costume. A neighbor had a hard hat so we borrowed it and painted it white. With my Cricut machine I cut out letters from vinyl and spelled out NASA.

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