Optical Illusion Jet Pack Costume

My son wanted to be a boy and a jet pack this year, so we started searching the internet for jet pack costume ideas. He has been doing optical illusion costumes since first grade. He is now in 7th grade. Every year, starting in September, people start saying they cannot wait to see his costume this year.

Jet Pack Costume Instructions

  • We went to Home Depot and got concrete tubing and spray paint.
  • From there we made the jetpack and my son added battery operated Christmas lights for the jetpack.
  • The hardest part was figuring out the fake legs. We used pool noodles and newspaper for padding. It took a lot of trial and error until we got it right.
  • We had to figure a way to make sure it looked like it was his legs and how to cut the jetpack so his legs could really be the flames.
  • He added fishing line to the knees of the fake legs so he could move the legs about like he was flying. The strings were attached to jump rope handles.
  • The flames were sewn onto a pair of sweatpants.

We had a great time making this costume. People are very impressed. Several thought that there were two people in the costume and that someone was carrying him.

He got a lot of extra candy and many people asked if they could take a picture of him. He always loves impressing people with his costumes and is already thinking of what to do next year!


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