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Coolest Homemade Angel Costume

From the moment I held Emy, I always knew she would be my angel. So as this Halloween approached I KNEW exactly what I wanted her to be. I searched out Homemade Angel Costumes in stores and was highly disappointed in the quality and just the overall appearance of what I thought my angel should look like.

So I embarked on a mission to make the cutest Homemade Angel Costume ever known and think I did pretty close! To make this costume all it took were the following items:

1 White feather Boa
1 White marabou boa
A set of fairy wings
6 yards of tulle
One spool of ribbon
A pair of white leggings
A long sleeved plain white onesie.
A hot glue gun.
Any extra embellishments you desire

I started off making the wings. I purchased the wings at a local festival but these are available at hobby lobby and other costume stores for a cheap price (I got mine for 5.00) I took the marabou boa (also purchased at Hobby lobby for 3.00 I think) and glued it along the rim of the fair wings, I added small flowers to the back of them also just to spice it up a little. Next I cut the tulle into 6 inch long strips laying it out as they cut it at the fabric store and cutting it into strips about every 6 inches. Next I measured the ribbon to her waist and made a ¡§basic tutu¡¨ using a wrap and ¡§pull through¡¨ technique. Take one of the 6 inch strands that you have doubled and hold it under the ribbon measured for the waist, reach through the looped side and pull through the side that has two pieces. (You are pretty much just tying it on the ribbon.

After finishing the tutu I added another piece of ribbon to work as the halter top and voila!! Just put on her under shirt and leggings, Added a feather hair clip (I got at Hobby Lobby for 3.00) and topped it off of course with her ruffle socks and her pink converse.

My dream angel costume, I proudly take credit for and not close to breaking the bank!!

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