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Coolest Homemade A Bad Case of The Stripes Costume

My daughter had to dress up as a story book character for school. We didn’t want to go with all the regular characters so we decided to go with Camilla Cream from the book ” A bad case of the stripes”. I found striped socks and cut the foot part off and sewed it into a plain white tank top. I bought an extra pair of adult new high striped socks which worked as leggings for her. I then painted her face to match.

The night before she went to bed I braided her hair to give it waves just like Camilla. This Homemade A Bad Case of The Stripes Costume was my first “homemade” experience. One that I am sure my daughter will remember for years to come! It was A LOT of fun!

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  1. My daughter also had a book character parade at her school and we also dressed as the same character from “A Bad Case of Stripes”. It was so fun. We were the only ones. I also made her carry a sign that read “Eat your Lima Beans” just so the kids watching kind of understood if you didn’t eat your Lima beans you’d figure out what the results might be.

  2. i read that book and loved it
    when i went to buy it i could not remember the name so great design and thanks

  3. Hi I am Angela and I was looking for images for a book character costume. I really LOVED the story and when i saw this I was blown away. My mummy said that we can afford this because i didnt have that much money. I am way confident of winning the book character costume at school. And thanks for the idea!

  4. This is a wonderfulllll idea!!! its adorable as well. i was wondering where i could find a striped costume. any ideas?

  5. you are so adorable and and i was thinking about being this but i am in my teens and i didn’t want everyone to look at me but you are still too adorable!!!!

  6. I think I just fell in love with this costume. I may be in my late teens (17) but I think I may be copying this costume this year!

  7. I just found some striped socks in the clown section of a Halloween store. It was the only place I had luck finding the multicolored ones.

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