Coolest Homemade 80’s Man of Steel and Raiderette Couple Costume

My boyfriend Robert and I are die hard football fans except he is a Steelers fan and I am a Raider fan, so I thought we’d be a football player and I would be a cheerleader, however we are in our 40’s and there was no way we were gonna do strong and sexy so I thought we’d do an old has been couple that met in the 80’s in their prime and here it is 2009 and we still think we’re all that ha ha ha.

We were also having his daughter a huge party and we didn’t want to spend a lot of money and so we went to the second hand store and bought a blouse for $3 that I turned into a vest, a white blouse $2.50. I cut up and added sequence, cut some black short pants I had, I bought a couple of yards ($1.50) of shiny ribbon for the trimming of the vest and shorts, another yard of shiny material $2.80 for the sash, borrowed some white boots, found a beat up wig at the second hand store for $10 but I brushed it our and curled it made it look like the 80’s style. I cut up strips of plastic table cloths to make my own pom poms (we would of purchased them but no one had the colors so I made my own).

For him we had an old munk’s wig and I took hair off the front and put make up on the bald spot to make it match his skin a little more, He used 2 pairs of my leggings black and gold ones, we bought 1/4 of a yard of black material for the side of the pants and I glued them on, he wore his daughters Palomalo jersey and he wore one of my tan tank tops, I glued hair on his belly, we used pillows for his stomach, my boobies and my butt, he carried his Steelers blow up helmet and his beer mug.

Needless to say we were a HUGE hit everywhere we went on our Homemade 80’s Man of Steel and Raiderette Couple Costume.