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Coolest Home Made Marvin The Martian Costume!

I’ve wanted to do a Marvin the Martian martian costume for a while and this year I finally made that happen!

I started with the head which was an enlarged model of marvin that I modified and 3d printed. I also 3d printed the ray gun and a couple buttons I sewed onto the skirt.

Next I designed some basic templates for the skirt pleats and base of the shoe and laser cut them out of cardboard. the skirt is just fabric and some 1″ crafting foam and the shoes are made from fabric and some crafting pillow stuffing. Both made from scratch with no pattern.

the only two parts I purchased was a red morph suit and the cartoon hands.

I went out to a few different costume party/contests and despite being told I basically won one contest and another night having at least 50 people tell me I better win and countless more who loved my costume and took tons of photos, I didn’t win any contest.

But I made plenty of people smile and they enjoyed my costume and that’s why I continue to make them!

Thanks and hope you enjoy this year’s Marvin the Martian costume!

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