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Coolest Marvin the Martian Halloween Costume for Under $20

I am a huge Looney Tunes fan and have been since I was a kid.  I love to think of offbeat characters to be for Halloween, especially ones that are easily recognizable and that you can’t easily buy a costume for.  So Marvin the Martian popped into my head the week of Halloween.  I got the full costume together in about 2 days.

 The helmet:

I used duct tape, cardboard, and spray paint.  I cut out the cardboard visor to wrap around the front of the helmet and hide the actual visor.  I then cut out extensions to add to the ear flaps.  After taping those on I started to wrap the top on the helmet with scrap cardboard (only because I didn’t want to paint my perfectly good helmet green).  I closed the gaps with duct tape and spray painted the whole thing.

The “brush” looking extension he has on top of the helmet was a piece of cardboard that I bent to make a ‘U’ shape and then duct taped around the outside.  I spray painted the whole thing neon yellow, and hand painted the bottom a darker golden color.  I used a Sharpie to add the brush details.

20 yard roll of duct tape: $4.99

Yellow and green spray paint: $4.99 x 2(Free to me this year because I used it on last years costume)

Cardboard: Free, everyone has spare boxes laying around.

 The Martian skirt:

Though I don’t know if Marvin would admit to wearing a skirt, its a skirt.  This was actually the easiest part.  I had a case of wine with a couple bottles left in it.  I took out the divider in the middle and it came apart as 4 pieces with slits cut into them.  I held up 3 of pieces and it was enough to wrap around my waste.  I used duct tape to connect the pieces and I had myself a skirt.  I reinforced the inside of the waist with duct tape so it wouldn’t come apart while walking around.  I spray painted it and proceeded to drink some of the wine.

Case of wine:  $50 or so

Cardboard dividers: Free to me, wine is a calculated cost in my monthly budget


This was the only part I couldn’t make myself.  But it was pretty cheap nonetheless.

Red long sleeve shirt: Borrowed from a friend

Red Stockings: $3.99

Facemask: Cut the sleeve off a black t shirt.


 Total Budget:

Duct tape:  $4.99

Spray paint: $ 9.99

Red Shirt: Borrowed

Stockings: $3.99

Cardboard: Free

Wine: Helped the process immensely

Total :  $18


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