Coolest Hockey Costume

On May 2nd 1967 the Toronto Maple Leaf’s were facing the Montreal Canadian’s in game 6 of the finals. With the series three games to two for Toronto, they had the advantage of taking home the Stanley cup.

With Terry Sawchuk in net for Toronto and Gump Worsely in goal for Montreal the game began. Montreal was expected to win but with hard determination Toronto had played the game of their lives. The score was scoreless going into the second, but not for long with Ron Ellis and Jim Pappin scoring for Toronto the score was two nothing going into the third. With the pressure on Montreal stepped up their game with Dick Duff scoring, giving Montreal hope back.

But all that hope was taken back when George Armstrong scored for Toronto making the final score 3-1. The Toronto Maple Leafs win the cup, ending the series 4 games to 2. It is said that there was a spirit in the building that night helping the Leafs to win. And that spirit was the ghost of ’67. All Toronto’s luck has been stuck in the past but this year hes back to help win the 2009 Stanley Cup!

The hockey costume was made from clothing, blankets, and pots and pans found around the house. The pants were Toronto Maple Leaf pajama bottoms and the top was an old Bobby Baun jersey. The cape was a Maple Leaf blanket and the hat was made from stickers and a miniature Stanley cup we got from McDonalds. The Stanley cup was made from pots, cans, and bowls taped together and covered in tin foil.

This year the ghost of ’67 is back. This is our year, this is the year the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup! Go Leafs Go!

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