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Coolest Stanley Cup Costume

This Homemade Stanley Cup Costume took 6 hours and $15 to make. I picked up Silver/Metallic vinyl fabric from the store, as well as metallic duck tape, garden wire, wreath ring, a punch bowl, metallic paint, and a head band. There was no pattern I followed all by looking at a picture I put this together.

I made the bottom five rings first by making sure it was from my waist to my knees. I then sewed some garden wire in the top and bottom, hot glued the wreath and the other wires on the inside then sewed the whole thing together to make a circle. The wreath made it keep the circular shape as well as the rest of the wires. They also made the separation of rings of the cup.

The top part was done the same way but smaller and only used the garden wire. I sewed that top together, and then it was time to sew the top and the bottom together. Since the top was smaller the bottom needed to be punched every couple inches. This makes the flat tier in between the top and bottom part of the cup. I took a metal hanger I had and cut it into 4 inch pieces and attached with glue to the flat tier to keep it flat.

Now this is almost complete, I made it almost like a dress where I added to loops for my shoulders with the duck tape. I cut a piece a felt and cut an old yellow shirt I had to make the Bruin’s B.

The last part is the top of the cup. I painted the clear bowl silver, rolled duck tape together and then glued it to the top rim. Glued and duck taped the headband to the underside of the bowl and then it is done.

I wore a grey t-shirt and black tights as the base is black. That is the Coolest Stanley Cup Costume I have ever seen.

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