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Coolest Homemade Stanley Cup Costume

I made this Homemade Stanley Cup Costume this year for my 4 year old. He got tons of compliments walking around this Halloween. It was easy – no sewing required – just hot glue and tape.

Supplies needed:
approx. 4 ft of fabric
silver metallic tablecloth (or emergency blanket could also work)
spool of rope
plastic bowl
2 wire clothes hangers
4 rolls foil tape (dollar store/hardware supply)
glue gun
old tshirt
stick on Velcro (small square) or a safety pin will do
winter toque/hat
Suspenders (or ribbon)

Here’s how I did it. I bought a silver metallic tablecloth at a party supply shop and backed it onto fabric with spray adhesive (I hot glued rope onto the fabric to make the tiers of the Stanley Cup, then adhered the silver tablecloth over it to make the tiers stand out). While lying flat, I opened up two wire clothes hangers and glued them on either end of the cup. I rolled the wires into hoops and this made the “barrel” shape of the cup, secured with hot glue. I also found a foil tape at the dollar store (you’ll need 4 rolls) and used it to secure/disguise the seams of the cup. I used suspenders to make the cup wearable (but wide ribbon could do the trick, just hot glue it).

I made the vest portion by cutting up an old tshirt. I cut off the sleeves, split opened the back and spray glued more shiny silver tablecloth over the whole thing, securing the opened seams (neck, armholes, back) with more foil tape. I used sticky backed Velcro to secure the back of the vest.

To complete the look, I bought a thin plastic bowl, cut an opening for my son’s head, covered the whole thing in foil tape and foil taped it to a black winter toque/hat.

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