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Coolest Headless Hockey Player Costume

Got the idea from this site. My son used his hockey pants and socks and we bought a jersey from Goodwill ($3.99) I took his old back pack and stuffed it with old clothes then I duct taped (love duct tape) 2 lenghts of plumbing pipes to the side facing them forward slightly I connected them with yet another small piece of pipe at the top. I placed the Jersey over his head and marked his nose. I cut a hole just big enough to stretch around his head . With him wearing the back pack I put the jersey over the whole contraption and stuffed the shoulders and arms with batting, bending the arms and adding his “hands”. Put a flesh covered cloth over the head and put some fake blood on that and his actual neck . The costume was a real hit and everyone loved it. It was easy and VERY CHEAP

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