This is the costume for my son Lincoln this year.. His pee-wee baseball team, The Invaders, won their 2014 pee-wee championship this year, with an undefeated record. Even though that season ended in July, we are still pretty excited about it, so why not do a baseball themed costume! We love blood and gore though, so we came up with the baseball to the head idea with some help from the internet.

It was a pretty easy costume to put together and only cost me about five dollars! The best kind! He obviously already had his baseball uniform, and a foam baseball that I cut in half. Other than that, the only items purchased were some fake blood and spirit gum! I applied the spirit gum to the head and ball and stuck it on after it was sticky enough.

The next step was to paint, with some paints I already had, some realistic blood colors around the ball. Next, squirt on some fake blood and let it drip down the face for that realistic look! All of the neighbors loved it, he also won “costume of the year” dubbed by a guy on the next street who picks a trick or treater every year. That won him 4 HUGE handfuls of candy! Score! The removal was a little sticky, but mostly painless. Go INVADERS! 13-0!!!