Coolest Hangover Group Costumes

I dressed up as Alan from the Hangover. My friend was Mr. Chow and my brother was Stu.

My costume had white pants, a baby carrier, baby doll, a wig, custom t-shirt, sunglasses, and beard dye. I made the t-shirt with my heat press, printer, and transfer paper.

Mr. Chow’s costume had a sweatshirt that I made with my heat press as well. His monkey had a jean jacket that was made out of an old pair of pants and a patch that I made as well. My wife stitched up the monkey’s jacket and sewed the patch on the back of his jacket.

Stu’s costume was made from clothes bought at thrift stores. His face tattoo was bought online, and I outlined it in red to make it look fresh.

We stayed very close to the outfits worn by the actors in the two movies by shopping at thrift stores and making what we couldn’t find. A lot of time went into making these Hangover Group Costumes as close to the actual characters’ as possible.

We were a wolfpack of three!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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  1. Wolfpack of 3 was hilarious and they truly deserve to win!! Their costumes are great and they put a lot of effort into making sure it was true to the characters they were depicting. I saw a few other groups try to pull off “the Hangover” but since I was able to see this Wolfpack of 3 in action…I have to say the best part of their get up was that they stayed “in character” at all times. Even when someone asked “where is the 4th member of the wolfpack?” The response was “we’re looking for him but feel he may be in either an elevator or on the roof!” Good job boys…good job!


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