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Coolest Garden Cemetery Stone Angel Costume

Last year right after celebrating Halloween, my friends and I started searching this great website to inspire us for the upcoming year. I found one that I knew I wanted to try “Coolest Cemetery Angel”. I made a few changes to how she created hers. I started by drawing out my wings on a piece of ¼” pink foam board used for insulating a house, however this material could be a different thickness or even a nice sturdy piece of cardboard (recycle what you have laying around or can scrounge up for free).

Next I took plastic shopping bags to give shape to the wings, taping them down in balls along the top, and rolled lines leading down toward the bottom of the wing. Once this was complete, paper mache over the form with several layers (I liked using newspaper and water with some glue mixed in, my friend prefers the flour water combo).

I had also made a wig similar to the one that inspired me, however when wearing it was a big noise trap, everything echoed inside of it, so I decided to curl and use the hair spray paint. You should also be able to find a wig if your hair does not lend to the angel style.

I did not have much time this year for my own costume as I had made two others prior to my own. With that being said I went to the thrift store to search for a base and found a wonderful plain brown dress. I took that dress and a brown sheet similar in color and spray painted them with some black, and grey to give them definition and depth (I also found my inspirations paper canvas just was also noisy and made a larger woman looker even larger yet-not good).

At the thrift store I was able to purchase a pair of short ladies’ dress gloves and then with some pantyhose that I cut both end off and folded over to give a double layer and once again time to spray paint. I also had some rope at the house that I would use as a belt, spray paint that also. At this point all base is completed with layers of matching spray paints to bring them all together.

Now it is the day to get dressed. I made some moss hair clips, by taking scrap fabric and hot glue them onto hair clips. Next you can hot glue the moss found at the dollar store onto your fabric base. While the glue gun is out and in use, glue some moss to the wings also. Put the dress on, layer the sheet which at this point I cut in half for more flexibility of placement, put the rope / belt on.

Once your belt is on, you can move the fabric around to create the draped look that you want. I secured to dress with a few safety pins (this is great not having to sew when you don’t have a dress form and don’t have anyone to assist in the fitting).

Hair took a lot of time and spray, curl, curl, curl, then spray, spray, spray. I used a gold colored hair color, but would’ve been happy with a brown also. Clip on your moss clips. Makeup I used an all over brown and then did some black and white blended in for accents. Topped off with some liquid latex and moss applied to that on my skin.

And finally some creepy fake contacts (this will always get the attention of other partygoers). I thank my inspiration for such a great idea, I had fun and this is one I would wear again (usually I don’t wont wear again as it is more fun to have a new costume each year).

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