Coolest Homemade Circus Group Costume

Homemade Circus Group Costume

For this years Halloween our group of friends came up with a homemade Circus group costume. We are not just a circus but an unfortunate one at that. We started to plan as soon as our last years costumes have been worn. Amy is our Knife throwers assistant who got impaled. Lynn is our Half … Read more

Scary Tooth Fairy Costume

Scary Tooth Fairy Costume

I started my scary tooth fairy costume with a Medusa store bought costume, painted and cut it up. I did a bit of layering of the garment and added a corset.  I made my own wings out of cellophane and wire.  I originally started out with 6″ homemade platform shoes, but lost quickly due to the difficulty I had … Read more

Coolest Homemade Scary Doll Costumes

Homemade Scary Doll Costumes

When I was younger I was obsessed with watching the horrible cheesy horror flicks and this inspired me to create a costume. There are many bad horror films that involve dolls that come to life and kill and this was my rendition of that. For my husband’s costume he is a Dummy. I love to … Read more

Coolest Dumb and Dumber Couple Costume

Coolest Dumb and Dumber Couple Costume 3

Who doesn’t love a great Jim Carey movie? It was time to brain storm for costumes, my husband and friend were sitting around being their normal selves. And *Ding* the light bulb went on! You guys should be dumb and dumber, and at that point it was decided. I searched eBay and many thrift stores … Read more

Coolest Garden Cemetery Stone Angel Costume

Coolest Garden Cemetery Stone Angel Costume 6

Last year right after celebrating Halloween, my friends and I started searching this great website to inspire us for the upcoming year. I found one that I knew I wanted to try “Coolest Cemetery Angel”. I made a few changes to how she created hers. I started by drawing out my wings on a piece … Read more