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Coolest Homemade Scary Doll Costumes

When I was younger I was obsessed with watching the horrible cheesy horror flicks and this inspired me to create a costume. There are many bad horror films that involve dolls that come to life and kill and this was my rendition of that.

For my husband’s costume he is a Dummy. I love to thrift store shop and recreate into a costume. We found the skinny fitting polyester brown pants, tight white shirt, and nerdy looking blazer and the best find some brand new wing tip shoes. For his shoes I wanted to boost up the nerdiness and painted them white to show off the wing tip design. For his pants I hemmed them shorted to once again make look more nerdy. The shirt was so small I actually cut the sleeves off then took the cuffs and sewed them onto the ends of the blazer.

I purchased the red bow tie off of eBay for around 3.00 if I recall. Took a scrap piece of his cut off shirt sleeve and soaked in blood to match his bow tie and add a bit of grossness. Then face paint to finish off the look of the dummy.

As for myself, I had so much fun wearing this costume, so many people told me I scared them. Once again thrift store shopping I found a vintage style dress that was floor length and raised it up to my knees. Bought some satin at the fabric store for my cute girly sash with bow tie in back. Found my doll Mary Jane shoes at another thrift store. Bought some Knee highs at the dollar store, then took some scrap lace from my dress and just tied it around the top of socks.

Underneath my dress I added volume by looping netting/tulle around an elastic waist band like a tutu. I added some hair extensions that I dyed to match my hair so I could wear my hair in pigtails (my hair was too short at this time) and added bangs which I do not have. As for my makeup I bought the prosthetic eye mask. Blending my makeup onto them and added blood.

For my accessory I have a purse that I borrowed from my daughter’s dress up box, and threw in a couple of eyeballs, a heart, and some blood.

Dress Before Alterations

Underskirt Before Trimming It Up

Trial Run of Hair Before Dye and Mask

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2 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Scary Doll Costumes”

  1. Can you tell me where you found the prosthetic eye mask at? I have been looking all over the internet,and I’m not finding anything! Your costumes look great!


  2. sorry took so long to answer didnt know there was a post. I bought mine at Halloween express a store that sets up shop in our city every year, it was about 7.00. Check ebay.


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