Coolest Fleur Delacour Costume

This is our costume for Fleur Delacour – one of the Beaux Baton girls from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She ends up marrying one of Ron Weasley’s brothers in a later movie.

This Fleur Delacour Costume was made from a full-length grad dress bought from a Value Village store. I cut off the lower portion and turned it into a cape. Because the dress had tiny spaghetti straps, I found a matching blue ladies’ shirt and sewed them together. I was able to keep the zipper of the dress intact and just cut the shirt down the back and add ties to keep it together.

Two other shirts in different blue colours were cut apart to form the collars and cuffs. We found a black hat and spray painted it blue. Note: a wool hat absorbs lots of paint – it took several days and coats to make the hat remotely blue.

The blue wand is just a stick spray painted in the same blue as the hat. Black tights and black shoes completed the look (I didn’t attempt to match the shoes to the character – ran out of time).

The trickiest part was finding all the right colours of blue fabric. In all there are 4 colours, 1 dress and 3 shirts, to make this Fleur Delacour Costume :)

Because of the back ties on the bodice my older daughter wore this in the summer for a Harry Potter themed dance contest.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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