Coolest Homemade White Rabbit Costume

Homemade White Rabbit Costume

My daughters were in an “Alice in Wonderland” themed dance last summer. We decided to go for the Disney version of Alice and the White Rabbit Costume. My oldest was the White Rabbit with pieces put together from thrift shop finds and alterations done by me: – bunny hat from a bunny costume; – black … Read more

Coolest Fleur Delacour Costume

Coolest Fleur Delacour Costume 15

This is our costume for Fleur Delacour – one of the Beaux Baton girls from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She ends up marrying one of Ron Weasley’s brothers in a later movie. This Fleur Delacour Costume was made from a full-length grad dress bought from a Value Village store. I cut off … Read more

Coolest Space Girl Costume

Coolest Space Girl Costume 14

I made this Space Girl Costume for my little 3 year-old this year. She wanted to be a “Space Girl” and fly to the moon. We started by making a simple dress/jumper out of some curtain material that had a silver backing. Someone had made adult pants from the material and I just dismantled it. … Read more