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Coolest Space Girl Costume

I made this Space Girl Costume for my little 3 year-old this year. She wanted to be a “Space Girl” and fly to the moon.

We started by making a simple dress/jumper out of some curtain material that had a silver backing. Someone had made adult pants from the material and I just dismantled it. My daughter was small enough that I just used the fabric from the legs. The pattern was Newlook 6576 (in case anyone is interested). A grey long-sleeved shirt and grey pants went under the dress.

We found a silver belt at the local thrift shop which became the holster for our “Ray Gun”, a used toy from her boy cousins.

As for her helmet, a bicycle helmet covered in tin foil (maybe next year she’ll go as a baked potato :) ).

The boots were a Value Village purchase from the summer-time. They were getting small so she wore silver sparkle shoes when we went out trick-or-treating.

She loved this Space Girl Costume this year – it’ll be hard to top for next year :)

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