The scythe is actual plasma cut metal, with a plastic skull. The wings actually articulate up and down with the help of a switch in the sleeve, which controls a power window motor and pulley system on the back and wings. Cheap clothing materials from local stores torn and shredded sewn and stapled onto costume. The wings are attached to a plywood board and a life jacket screwed to it (cheaper than a backpack, plus lots of padding). The store-bought flexible mask makes the costume even more creepy, because I can stare people in the eyes and talk to them through it.

I’m on drywall stilts, so I’m a little over 8 feet tall. When in the costume, it”s very difficult to get indoors, or move around. This however is worth all the effort when I see peoples faces standing next to an 8 ft grim reaper! Minus the stilts, the life jacket was the most expensive thing.

The neighbor kids are terrified as well as the local people that have driven by.

It’s truly a site to see in real life.