This Werewolf costume is quad stilted meaning I extended my arms, legs and torso, to make this Werewolf bigger than life. It stands approx. 15 feet tall and each arm is 9 feet long and the legs are 5 feet tall each. I built this to compete in costume contests nationally after the first 2 stilted costumes which had wings and were very difficult around crowds, i.e. the wings would get hung on everyone and everything, so I made this because it has no wings to get caught on anything and is very versatile and easy to use in large crowds.

It is a crowd pleaser for sure, it has won many contests awarding it $14000.00 in just a few years, 10 grand in 2011 alone. Funny thing is, I have to check ceiling heights before taking it anywhere, lol.

I used lots of PVC tubing and 20 yards of long pile fur drywall stilts and arm crutches, it requires a ladder to get into and about 10 or so minutes. It took about 3 months to build and several try ons to complete. It is the easiest of my stilted costumes to wear and is a lot of fun, it dances and frolics like no other, lots and lots of pics with other people and their costumes have been taken. I have to stop every 5 mins or less for yet another pic with someone else, I always get fantastic reactions when wearing this astonishing Giant Werewolf.

It’s taller than my house and I sewed it myself, something my now deceased grandma taught me to do and I even used the sewing machine she left to me.