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Coolest Homemade She Werewolf Costume

Creating my costumes all started two years ago in eighth grade when I thought “Why purchase your costume when you could be creative and make your own!” Then it started. This Homemade She Werewolf Costume is my third homemade costume and by far the most complex. I’ve put more hours into creating this than any other thing I have ever done. It could hard to manage with all my schoolwork and sports. I wish I would have had a little more time but the overall outcome of my costume was awesome! I couldn’t of done better with the time I spent making it.

My costume idea came to me when I decided every year I wanted to choose a reoccurring theme. The main focus of movies and TV shows. I didn’t put much thought into till it hit me! A werewolf of course, I know about 6 TV shows that have werewolf’s in them or the main point of the show is about werewolf’s. And lately many movies have werewolves in them; they are the big thing this year! I knew this would be very hard to create but if I put my mind to it, I could do it!

My search began by looking at various pictures of wolfs; there body shape, muscles, hands and feet you name it. I watched numerous werewolf movies. So I could get the feel of a werewolf, really focus in on the different styles of wolfs and physical appearances. I can’t even tell you how many pictures I looked at of wolf.

I did over 10 hours of research before even beginning. After all of this I looked online at people who had created wolf costumes before and the basic structure of how they did it. After revising a couple sites I came out with some outlines of how I was going to construct the suit.

First I went to Joan Fabrics where I purchased 3 yards of brown faux fur, and some 10’11 pieces of foam. Then I went online and bought a thin thermal wetsuit. Once the suit arrived I put it on to make markings on where I wanted the foam to go and how big it should be on the suit. For the time being I stuffed plastic bags in the suit so I could easily glue the foam on.

Before gluing the foam on I studied multiple muscle patterns of the human body and of werewolf’s bodies. My concern was getting the digigrade legs just right on my suit. SO not only do I have to worry about The look of the legs all the muscle parts need to be in specific proportion or it will easily look terrible once on.

Creating the muscles I used very basic foam shapes. I had no experience in working with foam. They would sill serve the same purpose. I made muscles for the main parts of the human and wolf body combined. Then I cut them out with a razor blade. Next I started gluing each muscle part onto my suit. When making the legs I made extra foam connecting to the thigh muscles that go over your knee.

And for the back I basically drew what you could call an extended ankle shape that goes on the back of your calf. Since Wolfves stand on their toes their ankles are always raised. You can also add foam to the front of your foot so there isn’t an incline that is easily noticeable. Doing this gives the appearance that you are squatting or standing on your tippy toes when you are just standing up right

Next I made masking tape replicas of my body. Then I began adding the fur I just cut out matching shapes of the muscles then glued them to the suit. Make them a few inches bigger so when you move it isn’t to small. Also make sure all the fur is going in the same direction. The tail was made from wire I shaped and stuffed with foam.

After I had finished the furring process I put the suit on to find that all the seams busted. I ended up sewing all the seams together along with sewing the whole tail.

To create the feet I used an old pair of shoes that I cut toe patterns from then glued them to the shoe and added fur. The claws were made from modeling clay I formed and painted black for both the hands and feet. I made the hands by cutting out extended finger shapes then painting and adding the claws and fur to.

For the ears I took an old mask, cut the ears off, painted them and added fur For the mask I bought online, I painted it with oil paints and added vast amounts of crepe hair to it. The overall cost was about $200.

My dad had mentioned to me that I ought to enter a contest for all this hard work I’ve put into this costume! And I thought wow, I really should, shouldn’t I? While I was looking through some sites I ended up coming across this one. I thought it was pretty awesome! Tons of creative people sharing their costumes, it’s a great idea!

Then I thought I would love for maybe even hundreds of people to see the creation of my Homemade She Werewolf Costume! The contest isn’t about who wins all that matters is all this hard work that people put into creating these costumes. Some of them I have looked over are amazing. I’m breath taken at how much detail they put into this!

But remember be safe. Let me add that the ears in my costume I recreated where from an old werewolf mask. My dad wore this mask during high school at a big costume contest held Halloween night. He ended up taking first place. So maybe they will give me good luck!

Here’s a video of the full creation process:

Homemade She Werewolf Costume

Homemade She Werewolf Costume

Homemade She Werewolf Costume

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  1. i didn’t even know there was a person in this picture when I first saw it… I thought she had really like snapped a shot of a werewolf!


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