Starting out I purchased drywall stilts, facial prosthesis, contact lenses, makeup and high quality fake teeth. I decided to become “The Beast”, an over sized werewolf based costume. I obtained several floor mats with a fake fur like material and used it as a fur muscle suit for my body. By covering a hockey chest protector with bed foam and hot glue I began applying the fur mat to my suit.

Once enough material was attached to cover my torso I began padding and sewing sections full of foam for a defined muscular shape including abdominal, pectorials and a large hump on the back. Eventually the fur was shaved down to enhance the muscles and then coated with grey spray paint. The torso was then covered with a torn up XXXL shirt and split where it appears the muscles would’ve ripped it naturally, then covered with a worn out material to appear aged and distressed.

The pants were a regular sized pair of pants covered with a material to add length and width to accommodate for the height and width of the stilts. As well, two large foam pads with fur were sewn into the pant legs to compliment the wide upper body piece. The gloves and feet were store bought werewolf accessories and the fingers were lengthened with small hallow pieces of plastic pipe, then the exterior of the gloves were lengthened to the ends and additional fur was added to compensate for the extra long fingers.

A few accessories such as chains and cuffs were added to the material and body suit. Once assembled all that was required was attaching the prosthesis to my face, painting it, attaching crepe wool for a beard, fitting the teeth, and inserting the scleral contact lenses.

My walking stick was an old dead maple branch with a paper mache skull attached including a red strobe light in the mouth, two LED flickering candles for eyes, and an antique lantern prop hung below.

Once complete I competed in a local costume contest held in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada known as George Street Mardi Gras and won third place.

I always enjoy making a realistic original looking costume that truly scares people. The more lifelike it appears the better and the biggest highlight of the night is seeing the reactions from peoples faces.