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Mr. Death has selected You Grim Reaper Costume

I made this costume several years ago and it was a big hit in the neighborhood… not so much with me though. I’m on painters stilts and wearing a latex mask. Hard to walk for very long, and even harder to breathe. BUT… the reactions from people were worth it! I made teenage boys run away from me, and I even made one teenage girl have an… um… “bladder accident” when she saw the 7 foot tall “prop” walk towards her.

The robe and hood were bought from an online theatrical costume retailer, and I added 17 inches of fabric to the bottom hem to make up for the height of the stilts. The foot bones just visible in the pic are packing foam, cut and painted, then fixed to the stilt “foot” with zip-ties. The scythe was made from an oak sapling from my back yard, stripped of its bark, dried, stained and shellacked. The blade, (hard to see because of the angle),  was made from a large piece of plastic. The mask was an online purchase as well, and I installed two tiny red LED bulbs in the eye sockets powered by a 9 volt battery taped to my shoulder. I painted the backs of the bulbs black so it wouldn’t blind me. It works remarkably well, and I can’t even see the bulbs while wearing the mask, they’re just above my eye-line. You can’t see it in the pic, but it is awesome at night!

The bony gloves are also an online purchase and the hourglass was made from two plastic martini classes cut and glued together and then sandwiched between two homemade wooden discs.

I actually abandoned this costume for a while because it made my back hurt a lot trying to walk around, but if I stand in one general area, I’m good… I think I just might dust him off and let Grimmy get back out there and scare up all the little trick or treaters!

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